Bharathi kannamma 19th August 2021 Written Update

The episode begins when Lakshmi notices Kanama there and smiles upon seeing her. Soundarya is afraid that he will mention her as a mother. Kanname told him not to call her mother. Remember her as a chef mom. Kannama asks Lakshmi how is she. I assured him she was fine. Kannam is about to take her to Kanama, but Bharati stops them and brings her closer to him. Bharati tells her she is not feeling well, but he will take good care of her if she stays here. Kanname asks, isn’t he taking good care of her?

Kanname asks him what he will answer to his parents. Kannam asks her family why they are silent. Bharati says he is the one who gave the medicine to his mother. It was he who paid her the fees, which were not new to him. If his mom finds out, she’ll be happy for him to stay with him. Kanama says Lakshmi’s mother was calling her and asking her to talk to Lakshmi, what will she do? Bharati asks you to give him his number.

Soundarya asked him why he was acting like this and Kanama had a hard time. What will you reply to Lakshmi’s parents? Bharati asks her if she does not send Hema home, she will believe her. Why did he leave her here behind? Is this how she takes care of her son? Bharati complains that Lakshmi also received a food poison. Lakshmi says she ate her friend’s food, is this the reason for her food poisoning?

Bharati says mum cooks for everyone, so why is he causing her problems? If you stay here, many people will come to cook for you. He demands Kanname to announce his decision. Bharati accurately says that Lakshmi will stay with him. Everyone is surprised to hear that. Kannama touches Lakshmi’s hand excitedly and tells her she is leaving. Bharati believes that he does not accept the truth even after so much has happened. Kannamma asks Soundarya to take care of Lakshmi and leaves there.

Bharati looks at Kanamma scornfully while Sundaria and Lakshmi look at her emotionally. Bharati asks Lakshmi to rest. Bhagia asks Soundarya what is going on here. Anjali asks you to stop doubting that you are new to everyone here. Shanmugam tells him that he thinks his brother-in-law will change if the days pass by, but that his heart will turn to stone.

If he had known that she was Kannam’s daughter, he would have sent her with her, that’s right. Is it okay for everyone to separate his mother and the doctor? Venu asks him to calm down, let’s wait and see what happens. Shanmugam and Bhagya got out of there. Kannamma doubts that Bharathi will find out the truth. Lakshmi is his daughter. She believes that no mother will have the problem she is facing today. He cannot say that Lakshmi is his daughter and stays with her father, although the father and daughter are not aware of their relationship. You feel sad for Lakshmi. She thinks he said he would send her alone with her parents.

She wanted to tell him that she was his daughter and his baby. She wants to fight him and take him with her. But Bharati will start talking bad about her in front of Lakshmi, that’s why she is silent here. He cannot speak ill of Lakshmi. He lives for Lakshmi and can’t stay here without her.

Hema gets up and heads to Kanama while telling mom that she is cooking. Kanameh asked her, is she awake? Hema ask you about Lakshmi’s health? Kannam tells him that Lakshmi ate hamburger and therefore he was poisoned. Hema asks where is Lakshmi if he doesn’t take her here, who will take care of her? Kanname tells him she is at Hema’s house. Hema is surprised to hear it. Kannam tells him that Bharati, who admitted Lakshmi to the hospital. He said he would take care of her until she recovered soon. Hema assures her that dad will take good care of her. Akhil asks Anjali, what is bothering him?

It doesn’t look good in the last few days. He assures her that everyone will stay with her to support her. He asks her to open up to them. Achilles advises you to talk to the baby at this time when the baby starts to hear you from the womb. He advises her to shop for the baby and be happy. He asks her to stop being in bad mood like patient. Anjali thinks that Akhil was caring for her, so she naturally wishes she was with him. I asked him to go shopping. Achilles told him that his health was important to him. You don’t trust Venba, so let’s see your doctor.

Anjali fears she will be caught red-handed if a new doctor arrives. I started to scold him to avoid controlling. Kannamma makes Hema sleep. She remembers Lakshmi and feels bad for her. She cares about her and how she feels now. She thinks it’s her father’s house, he found her there. Kannama thinks Lakshmi will stay there without her and how will she stay there. Who will feed him? Lakshmi used to question a lot. It is not good for Lakshmi to stay there. Hema is here and Lakshmi is here. Why does fate play like this?

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