Bharathi kannamma 22-12-2020 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Kannamma and Seetha praying in front of a fetish. Sita told him that we made a good profit from the temple business. We can thank this customer who bought us a lot of baby clothes. He even gives us double the money watching our hard work. He helps us convert to Coinmbatoor. Kannamma Soundarya recalled the way he brought all the groups to her.

She even mentioned about Kannamma there. Sita praised her appearance and added that she has a very kind heart and therefore helps poor people like us. Knamama feels joy when she listens. Sita told her that Lakshmi is so excited to go to Chennai, why didn’t you listen? Kenama replies that she needs a peaceful life that she will only get in the village. Sita replied that she knew very well that she was afraid of him.

Several neighbors gather in front of Knama’s house. Lakshmi sits on a chair there. They ask her when she will come to Kanameh. She then she will answer why they are in such a hurry ASAP, so please wait a moment. Kannama and Sethha return home and are surprised to see all the neighbors in front of their house.

He asks them: Did Lakshmi offend you? They replied why she had left her, who could at least take her to Chennai as she wanted. Kaname looks at her and asks them to let her think. They all let Kanama tell him in a stern tone that she will not take her to Chennai.

Fenpa arrives at the hospital. I watched the crowd in front of the new hospital. She has read the advice and thinks it is too stupid. She went to her own hospital. Her manager told him that all of her patients had gone to New Thanjam Hospital for treatment. Where is your crew, asks Fenpa? She replied that all her employees were going to work at that hospital. Because she gives double salary and free stuff. Fannba stared at him. I advised him to join that hospital and leave.

Vinpa thought, who is this doctor? Durga turns him around and tells him it’s her. Durga D. Vinpa starts laughing, taunting him by appearing as a doctor and warning him that she will complain about him. Durga told him that he was not a liar and that, in fact, he was a doctor. He got this title because she insulted him as a troublemaker. We’re the same now, so be prepared to hit him a lot by letting him know he’s leaving. She looked at him in frustration.

Lakshmi sits insisting on not eating anything. Kannamma tries to convince her and thinks that she is as inflexible as Soundarya. Anjali feeds Hema while he scolds her. She insults her, saying that she is a bad omen. Soundarya hears him and tells Anjali that she will explain to him who the truth is.

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