Bharathi kannamma 26-01-2021 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Kannama and Somathi waiting outside the Bharati room. Finpa arrives there to speak with Durga on the phone. She didn’t notice her at all, but he was looking at her when she yelled at Durga. Kannamma thinks Venba is here. She is his wife, so one would expect the least. You think it is dangerous to face them and you want to leave. Another side of Lakshmi talks to Bharati.

Kannamma tells Somathi that she is not feeling well because she wants to go to the temple. Somathi denies it and asks him to see the doctor as Lakshmi wished. I tried very hard to bring it here. “We’re going to meet him again someday,” says Kannamah, who wants to leave now saying that she’s gone. Finpa is still talking on the mobile phone. Kanama thinks that he is risky if Lakshmi presents her report to Bharati, then returns to Sumathi and collects her report. He asked her to take Lakshmi home telling her that she was leaving.

Vinpa spoke and entered. Lakshmi arrives there to take Kannamma, but Sumathi informs him that she is leaving for an emergency. Vinpa asks Bharati, where is this riot? Bharati chided her for acting like this with children. That’s why Hema doesn’t like talking to her. Vinpa says that her face is like that. Answers of Bharati The problem is the heart, not the face. Fenpa questions her that she suspects that the girl has no father and that is why only her mother attends. Bharati asks you to act kindly and let go of her cruel thoughts.

Lakshmi arrives there and informs him that her mother has left for the purpose of the emergency. Bharati asks you to bring it back. Bharati asks about her father. She was silent and told him that her father in Dubai had not yet met him. She asked him to leave. Vinpa says that she guessed it right. Bharati says: Do not speak ill of others when you do not know anything about them. Kannamma in the temple. Soundarya arrives there along with Anjali and Akhil. Soundarya asks the priest to make a gallery in Anjali’s name, revealing that she is pregnant.

We were so happy to hear it. Soundarya and Akhil go to buy a hammock to tie to the tree. Kannamma approaches Anjali. He hugs her and kisses her on the forehead and spills her happiness for being pregnant. She advises him how to behave during pregnancy and learns a lot from her about her father and Hagia from her. Kannamma hides Soundarya’s vision there. At Kannamma’s request, Anjali hides from Soundarya from her encounter with Kannamma.

She would come home and serve Tulasi dessert. She shares that her sister is pregnant. She tells him what happened. Tulasi says that she never spoke of her sister to him as a heart of stone. Kannamah replies that she hasn’t had a chance to talk about it. She goes to work. Lakshmi comes there and spanks Kanamma because she left the hospital and didn’t see the doctor. Kannama reprimanded her and told her to act like a girl instead of ordering her around. She asks that she be within her limits and not take her class. She told him that she was sleeping that she did not like receiving free treatment from him. Lakshmi answers even if he doesn’t like her, does she ask about her father? Kannama hugging her.

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