Bharathi kannamma 28-12-2020 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Vinpa asking Shyamala to ask Soundarya how he requested it. She nods and leaves there. Fenba wonders with what hope she is doing all this? Would Soundarya allow her to marry Bharati after hearing these rumors? Shyamala received Soundarya. Venu plays badmitton there. Soundarya asks him to sit with her. Shyamala asks why she doesn’t go out so often and it’s hard to see.

Soundarya responds that she is busy with her work and her home. She comes out for him. Shyama asks her if she heard something she was hiding from everyone. Soundarya looking puzzled. She tells him that Kanama left Bharati and married a doctor. It is good that she is also a doctor that he feels comfortable with. Soundarya replies that it is just a rumor that Bharati has never married anyone. Shyamala added that she heard them go out together and walk everywhere.

Soundarya asks you in the back that her husband doesn’t work in the IT office? Many girls work there. If there is something urgent, she will go out with them. If you said that he is married to that girl, how would you feel? She gets angry hearing it. Soundarya totally tells him what I can feel by listening to him. Finpa and Paraty are good friends.

There is nothing wrong with being friends with a girl. Soundarya tells Vino that she is leaving. She stops the game and leaves with him. Vinpa thinks why would she always think like this? Would Bharati’s life always be lost like this? And soon she wants to marry him at any cost.

Tulasi asks Kanama, how many days will it be like this? You are not ready to give up the self esteem and ego of Bharati. Lakshmi who suffers between the two. You feel sorry for her. Kannama answers them and tells them that her destiny is another. If she leaves and lives with him, he will insult her and her child again. Better to die and then live with him. Lakshmi arrives there with the blackboard. Tulasi read it and praised her talent. She then she install it in front of the door.

She calls Fino Soundarya for dinner, but she angrily denies it. Fino tells her not to be mad at the food. She knew why she was so angry that she that woman had talked about the relationship of Bharati and Vinpa. Kannamma is still missing, we have no idea about them. Bharati makes mistakes in keeping her friendship with Fenpa. If she persists, he will end up marrying her. Kannama is considering joining Lakshmi at a new school. But she lacks money.

She brings her bharati there and tells him why she suffered like this. Her mother is always ready to help her even after she is impersonal. Kannamma is the most important thing to her, so she is. Kannamah replies that she hasn’t changed yet. Bharati nodded. Yell at her for her to go away. Lakshmi asks Kaname why she is screaming. I realized that it was a hallucination.

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