Chithi 2 26-01-2021 Written Episode

The episode begins with the arrival of Yazini and Kavin to the hospital. Vinpa hides when she sees Yazini. Kavin and Ezine ask the nurse how Dharma is doing. She tells the nurse that they are preparing to take him to the operating room. They can’t say anything now and tell them to wait. The caffeine comforts Yazini that she is crying. The caffeine is used to pay the hospital fee. Consider Fenpa. He asks her to go home where anyone can see her. Vinpa says that the dharma should improve. Kavin sees his mother and Gory coming and tells Fenpa the same thing in hiding. He brings her family inside. Vinpa comes out and turns around. Venba sees a small temple at the entrance. She prays to God for the healing of the dharma. Ravi asks him to hurry up.

The doctor tells the family that the Dharma blood type is AB negative and the rarest and asks them to fix the blood. Mallika says that no one in her family has negative AB. She tells Caffeine that she will fix the blood and leave. Finpa is about to leave with Ravi. Caffeine goes through Vinpa. She asked him if her blood type was AB negative, to which Finpa said yes. Kavin told Dharma that AB is also negative and needs blood. He takes Fenpa inside. Vinpa says they can’t go that way because her family might notice. Kavin sees the next Muslims wearing a burqa. Caffeine explains her situation to these women and seeks to help them. The ladies agree to give Fenpa the burqa. Fenpa comes out in a burqa.

Kavin tells Malika that he has found the blood donor. Fenba is shown wearing a burqa. Yazini thanks you. The nurse takes Fenpa inside. Venba donates blood. You remember the time you spent with Dharma. The others cry Gauri, Malika and Ezine worried about the Dharma. Yazini and Malika offer their condolences to Gori. The caffeine gives Ravi the responsibility of getting Fenpa out of here. Mallika stops Fenpa and thanks him.

Yazini asks Fenpa to take a selfie with her. Gory thanks Fenpa when she is about to touch his feet, but Fenpa stops her. Yazini continues to ask Venba to take a selfie with her. Fenpa receives a video call from Sarada. The call hangs up. Ravi says that he has an emergency situation, so he constantly receives calls and takes Vinpa from there. Malika is surprised that the blood donor isn’t asking for anything in exchange for her help and says the same to Caffeine.

Kaven thanks Fenpa as she holds her hand. Fenpa asks what. Caffeine tells us that she took such great risks to save Dharma. Vinpa says that she herself did not know how, but she wanted to save Dharma. Caffeine thanks you again. Vinpa leaves with Ravi. Sarada continues making a video call with Fenpa and wonders why she has not answered her call.

Ravi and Vinpa come home. Venba is still inside. She relates to Sarada without removing her burqa. Ravi saves you time by cutting off her call. She told him that she forgot to take off her burqa. Vinpa realizes her mistake and takes off her burqa. She ties in with Sarada’s video. She told the latter that her father had come to Coimbatore on business and that he would come to meet her. Fenpa is surprised. Sarada hangs up. Venba is concerned about how she is acting now on how she handles this and she says the same to Ravi.

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