Companies Palmetto State Armory Own: A Comprehensive Overview


Palmetto State Armory (PSA) is a renowned firearms manufacturer and retailer known for its wide range of high-quality products. Over the years, PSA has expanded its operations and acquired various companies, solidifying its position in the industry. In this article, we will explore the companies that Palmetto State Armory owns and the impact they have on the firearms market.

Palmetto State Armory

Palmetto State Armory is a well-established firearms manufacturer and retailer based in the United States. With a commitment to providing top-quality products at competitive prices, PSA has gained a loyal customer base. They offer a diverse range of firearms, accessories, and ammunition to cater to the needs of gun enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel.

Companies Owned by Palmetto State Armory

1. Freedom Munitions

Freedom Munitions is a leading ammunition manufacturer known for producing high-quality rounds at affordable prices. Palmetto State Armory acquired Freedom Munitions to ensure a consistent supply of ammunition for their customers. The acquisition allows PSA to maintain control over the manufacturing process, ensuring that their firearms are supported by reliable and compatible ammunition.

2. Ballistic Advantage

Ballistic Advantage is a renowned barrel manufacturer specializing in high-performance barrels for AR-15 rifles. PSA’s acquisition of Ballistic Advantage strengthens their position as a complete firearms solution provider. By owning a reputable barrel manufacturer, PSA ensures the quality and precision of their firearms, resulting in enhanced performance and accuracy.

3. PSA Custom

PSA Custom is a division of Palmetto State Armory dedicated to providing customized firearms and accessories. With their expertise in customization, PSA Custom offers a range of personalized options to meet the unique preferences of customers. From handguards to triggers and grips, PSA Custom allows gun enthusiasts to create firearms tailored to their specific needs.

4. PSA Defense

PSA Defense focuses on providing firearms, accessories, and services tailored to the needs of law enforcement agencies and military personnel. With a deep understanding of the requirements of these specialized sectors, PSA Defense ensures that their products meet the highest standards of reliability, durability, and functionality. This division of Palmetto State Armory plays a crucial role in supporting those who serve and protect.

5. PA-10 & PA-15

The PA-10 and PA-15 are rifle platforms developed by Palmetto State Armory. These platforms are renowned for their reliability, accuracy, and versatility. By manufacturing their own rifle platforms, PSA exercises greater control over the quality and performance of their firearms. This integration allows them to offer customers a comprehensive solution, combining their rifles with compatible accessories and parts.

6. PSAK-47

The PSAK-47 is Palmetto State Armory’s take on the iconic AK-47 rifle. With their expertise in rifle manufacturing, PSA ensures that the PSAK-47 meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. By owning the PSAK-47 brand, Palmetto State Armory provides customers with a trusted source for AK-47 style rifles.

7. PSA PX-9

The PSA PX-9 is a pistol caliber carbine developed by Palmetto State Armory. Combining the compactness of a pistol with the increased stability of a carbine, the PSA PX-9 offers versatility and ease of use. By owning the PX-9 brand, PSA ensures that customers can rely on their expertise when seeking a high-quality pistol caliber carbine.


Palmetto State Armory’s expansion into various subsidiaries and acquisitions has solidified its position as a leading firearms manufacturer and retailer. By owning companies such as Freedom Munitions, Ballistic Advantage, and PSA Custom, PSA maintains control over critical aspects of the firearms market, ensuring the quality and compatibility of their products. With divisions dedicated to serving law enforcement and military personnel, PSA upholds its commitment to meeting the unique needs of these sectors. Through their proprietary rifle platforms, such as the PA-10, PA-15, PSAK-47, and PSA PX-9, Palmetto State Armory offers customers a comprehensive range of firearms and accessories to choose from.

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