David Moyes Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Scottish Football Manager’s Wealth

David Moyes is a prominent figure in the world of football management. With a career spanning over three decades, he has achieved remarkable success and earned a significant net worth. In this article, we delve into the life and accomplishments of David Moyes, exploring his net worth and the factors that have contributed to his financial success.

1. Early Life and Football Career

David Moyes was born on April 25, 1963, in Glasgow, Scotland. He developed a passion for football at a young age and began his playing career as a center-back. Although he enjoyed a modest career as a player, his true talents shone through when he transitioned into football management.

2. Transition to Management

After retiring as a player, Moyes turned his attention to coaching and management. He gained experience working with clubs such as Preston North End and Everton, where he honed his managerial skills and showcased his ability to develop young talent.

3. Premier League Success and Financial Rewards

Moyes’ breakthrough came in 2002 when he was appointed as the manager of Everton. Under his guidance, Everton achieved consistent success in the Premier League, often outperforming clubs with more substantial financial resources. Moyes’ ability to extract the best from his players and implement astute tactical strategies led to a significant increase in his reputation and financial rewards.

4. International Management Stints

After leaving Everton in 2013, Moyes had managerial stints at Manchester United, Real Sociedad, and Sunderland. Although these ventures did not reach the same level of success as his time at Everton, they further solidified his reputation as a seasoned football manager.

5. Return to Premier League and Rebuilding His Reputation

In 2016, David Moyes returned to the Premier League as the manager of Sunderland. Despite the club’s subsequent relegation, Moyes was praised for his efforts in attempting to rebuild the team. His determination and resilience in the face of adversity earned him respect within the football community.

6. David Moyes’ Salary and Earnings

David Moyes’ net worth primarily stems from his managerial career. As a highly sought-after manager, he commands a substantial salary. While specific figures vary depending on the club and contract negotiations, it is estimated that Moyes earns several million pounds per year.

7. Endorsements and Sponsorship Deals

In addition to his managerial earnings, David Moyes has also secured various endorsement and sponsorship deals throughout his career. These partnerships with reputable brands have contributed to his overall net worth.

8. Property and Investments

Like many successful individuals, Moyes has made wise investments in real estate. He owns several properties, including a luxurious mansion in Cheshire, England. These investments have further bolstered his net worth.

9. Philanthropic Endeavors

David Moyes is known for his philanthropic efforts and charitable contributions. He actively supports various organizations and initiatives, using his wealth and influence to make a positive impact on society.

10. The Impact of David Moyes’ Net Worth

David Moyes’ net worth is a testament to his accomplishments as a football manager. His financial success serves as an inspiration to aspiring managers and highlights the significant rewards that can be attained in the world of football.


David Moyes’ journey from a modest playing career to becoming one of the most respected football managers underscores his determination and expertise in the sport. With a net worth stemming from his managerial earnings, endorsements, and astute investments, Moyes has established himself as a prominent figure in the football industry. His story serves as a testament to the potential for financial success that can be achieved through hard work, talent, and strategic decision-making.

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