How To Style Men’s Casual Jackets This Summer 2021

How to style men’s casual jackets this summer 2021

Depending on where in the world you live, the summer jacket is a fashion statement or a necessity. In Ireland, due to our unpredictable climate, the summer jacket is both a fashion statement for all stylish men and a protector against the elements.

When it comes to all daytime and evening socialising, it’s always good to have a jacket on hand that fits in with your choice of fashion wear. As well as acting as extra layering a cool summer jacket can transcend any guy’s fashion look the moment you put it on.

We have picked out three different summer jacket looks that are always summer favourites with guys. Having the jacket is one thing, knowing how to style it is another.

Most guys at one time of their life have owned or still have a denim jacket. It’s that hardwearing and versatile piece of layering that has stood the test of time. Since the late 1800’s, working men of all ages in the states have enjoyed the denim jacket look. It’s only since the late 60’s that men of Europe have got to enjoy the denim jacket look.

The good thing about styling your denim jacket is that is does not require too much creativity. As a basic fashion staple, the denim jacket can be styled with almost anything. From men’s chinos to a plain white shirt, to neutral summer shorts. The denim jacket fits right in.

For those of you who prefer the double denim look (mmmm) just remember to opt for darker denim shades below with a contrasting shade jacket above the waist. White trainers or men’s brogues to finish.

Long associated with train spotters back in the 70’s and 80’s, the anorak has made somewhat of a transformation for itself in the world of fashion.

No longer is the anorak associated with bookworms but now seen as a light weight mobile piece of fashion to look cool during the summer months.

It’s summer and you are all casual so clasp that opportunity to enjoy that retro piece of styling. Opt for a neutral coloured anorak to ensure it’s easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe.

Mid-wash jeans fused with either pattern or plain tees give off that great summer casual look. Trainers are the best finish and avoid zipping up your anorak. Leave your fashion look open.

We love this look at it is cool ever since its introduction back in the 1940’s. The good thing about a bomber jacket that it comes in so many different material and fashion designs.

It’s a cosy number as they were originally designed to keep pilots warm when flying at high altitudes. Today both the cotton and nylon bomber jacket are the popular choice with male fashionistas.

There is a very simple rule when choosing a bomber jacket and that is to keep the design simple and opt for a neutral colour.

A plain khaki coloured bomber can quite easily be paired with black combat or cargo trousers. Add plan trainers and the sky’s your limit.

If you need to step up to smart casual, darken the colour of your trousers and add a printed shirt. Ensure to keep the cut of the shirt to slim,

This is because bomber jackets have a tendency to add extra bulk to your silhouette if your choice of fit is too loose.

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