Kumkum Bhagya 19th August 2021 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya on August 19, 2021 Pragya’s written update of marriage to Pragya rushes out of the house. Facing the media. She tells the media that they will know about her upcoming work. The media returned to harass her with rude questions. Pragya doesn’t want to answer it. Journalists believe Gaurav was telling the truth about her. Sushma saves Pragya from the media. The lawyer asks Pragya not to argue with the media, to avoid questions and to control his anger. Pragya says the media intentionally provoked her to get a new story. You are asked to do a great job.

Sushma asks him to advise them. He tells them Gaurav will get media support, Pragya is described as a greedy woman, Gaurav completely ruined her image. Pragya asks for a solution. He suggests that she get her first husband back in her life, marry him again, or tell the world that her marriage never broke up. He advises her to stay with Abhi again, to clear her name of Gaurav’s accusations.

Pragya is surprised to learn that Tanu is selling her husband Abhi. He needs Abhi’s help to clear his image in the media. Tanu asks Pragya to buy Abhi and help herself. She just wants money to live a better life than what Abhi gave her. Pallavi asks Prachi to maintain all relationships without making any mistakes.

She lectures Brachi. Riya feels lost in front of Prachi again when Prachi manages to convince Palavi. She says Prachi always lost, but this time she will win. He wants to defeat Prachi and show who is the best. Riya makes everything a competition. He wants Ranbir in his life. She gets upset by Ranbir’s thoughts, which makes her hate Prachi even more. Will Pragya marry Abhi by accepting Tanu’s deal? Read on.

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