Namak Issk Ka 19th August 2021 Written Update

The episode begins with Rupa giving Kahani medicine. Iravati calls everyone and tells them that he will now prove that Satya is the killer. Yuj tells Saroj and Ruppa to come in as they may not be able to watch the video. Iravati plays CCTV pictures and they hear some noise. Kahani and Yug say they can’t hear anything and ask Iravati to play the video. Suddenly the light goes out and tells Yoo Gongan to check the other rooms and take Ronak with him to check the fuse. Irvati is horrified when she sees Satya on TV saying that she will punish her killer.

Irafati tells him that someone changed his flash drive and blames Kahani. Ropa and Saroj tell her that Kahani was confined in her room. Iravati breaks down and tells her that someone is trying to frame her. The police informed them that Kahani’s body was missing. Iravati freaks out if he actually sees Satya’s ghost. Ravikant asks Yuj where is his other daughter. Satya embraces Ravikant. Flashback shows Yug making videos of Satya threatening Iravati. Yug says Iravati will tell the truth by herself soon. Ravikant thanks Yuj and tells him he should have done all this.

Iravati tries to sleep but keeps hearing Satya’s voice. Satya tells Iravati that she will take Iravati with her. Iravati wakes up Ravikant and tells him that he is hearing voices. Ravikant tells Iravati to sleep because there is no one there. Iravati starts to panic and leaves. Kahani continues to scare Iravati by telling her that he will kill her. Yarrati shouts that he will kill Satya again as he killed Nishikant years ago. Kahani tells Saroj that she told him that her life was not a waste, that her husband did not leave her for a dancer, it was all that Iravati did.

Saroj slaps Iravati and tells her that he cheated on her. Grandma called Irafati a witch and told her that she had ruined the happiness of the whole family. Saroj told Iravati that he would have given him all his possessions if he asked for it. Saroj says she always loved Iravati, even when everyone blames her and Iravati keeps stabbing her in the back. Yuj hugs Saroj and starts crying. Yog says he used to thank God for giving him two nations.

Yuj says when his father left him he was not so sad because Iravati was there to take care of her. Yuj tells Iravati to leave the house now. Rupa tells Iravati that you are the first mother to destroy her daughter’s happiness. Gungan says he knows everything and helped Iravati. Gungan tells everyone how Iravati paid Kahani and replaced her with a duplicate Satya. Gungan says he did all this because he wanted to marry Yug.

Ravikant tells Gungan that he is ashamed of her. Satya gets there and apologizes to everyone for what she did. Yog says that was all his plan. Sathya praises Yuj for helping her even after knowing everything. Kahani tells Iravati today that he lost. Iravati says he will not get lost so easily. He tells Yog Kahani to call the police. Iravati says there is still one thing that no one knows and that is the location of Nishikant. Iravati tells him to give him the entire estate if he wants to find Nishikant. The episode ends with Saroj telling Yuj to accept his offer.

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