Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Mansi calling for Mira. Mansi asks why she hasn’t done that with Neil’s departure. Mira says she doesn’t know about this because Syria is dealing with it. The call falls under the guise of a network problem. She puts the mobile phone in airplane mode. Mansi tries to get to Mira again, but she can’t. He wonders what Mira is hiding.

Anu tells Rami that Sobo has gone to talk to Syria about her marriage to Neil. Ramia says that her father is not to blame when he thinks of marrying her to a good son. She doesn’t know anything about her love. They were considering marrying her to Neil because he is a good person and is very close to her family. Pushpa comes to Rangini’s house to ask for milk. Ragopati mocks Pushpa and Syria. He says they won’t get anyone but Sampath for his daughter, but his marriage proposal has expired. They will definitely regret having rejected your marriage proposal.

In Syria’s house, Mansi goes to see the secret room. I found Syria’s phone outside the room. He wonders when Syria returned home. She tries to open the room, but the door is closed. You try to look inside the room on the main street. I asked Sharda what she was doing. Mansi says that she came to visit Syria. She asks Sharda if she doesn’t know that no one should bother Syria when he enters that room. She then asks who is going to water the jasmine plant, if she can. Sharda says Syria will do it later. She doesn’t like anyone touching her belongings. She asked him to go to sleep. Mansi says that she takes care of this family and that he will find a good girl for Syria. She believes that if she marries Syria, her wife will have all the importance as the wife of the son of this house. You should let that happen.

Anu sees her mother crying. I asked him what happened. Pushpa tells how Rajoubati mocked and cried. Anu asks him not to cry. If Sup knows, she will crash. Pushpa asks that her father not be informed of this. Anu goes to Ramia’s house. She confronts Rangini. She says that she grew up in this colony. She says that if she were in her condition, her parents would never treat Ramia and her parents the way she did. She doesn’t ask you to support them, but she can at least stop hurting them. The people of this colony considered her family. She doesn’t know how to act when some people start acting differently. You apologize if you accidentally make a mistake.

Only then do Ramia and Rajopathy arrive. She also tells Anu that she speaks to him calmly because she respects her. She asks Rangini not to forget that Ramia is her best friend and that they are growing up together. Ragupati sarcastically says that she learned to speak wisely but that she can fool her father with her words but not him. She is making fun of Anu. He says that her marriage was annulled once and will also be annulled in the future. Ano says that he talks this way because he couldn’t become Surya’s business partner. He also tells us that if their marriage is annulled, the marriage of his son is also annulled. She warns them. The next time she says, she won’t talk to them in a low voice. I left Pushpa.

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