Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 24-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Rajobati recounting Anu’s revenge for insulting them. Sobo has finished reading Sundara Kandam. Ano and Pushpa try to talk to Sobo. The latter is lying silently on the bed, covering the sheet. Cry. The next morning, Anu prepares for the office. Checking her cell phone. She wonders what happened yesterday that she didn’t even send her a text from Syria. She wonders how she asks her father the same thing.

Ano and Pushpa noticed that Subu was sitting quietly. Sobo remembers what happened in the Syria office. Anu tries to cheer him up. Anu asks him what happened and asks him to speak. Pushpa also asks him to speak for Anu. The latter asks what happened yesterday. She asks him to know if she has made any mistakes. Shouts of Sobo. He apologizes to Anu, saying that he was wrong. Anu and Bushba ask him not to cry. Anu says that her father could be wrong.

Sobo says that he blindly trusts Neil. She decides to marry her to Neil without knowing anything about him and without her consent. She gets excited and says that she lost. He continues to apologize to Anu. The latter gets excited. Pushpa says that she believes that everything Sobo will do is for the good. He cannot blame himself for the mistake that he did not make. They also told me that he is the best father in the world. Anu also agrees with Pushpa.

Subu received the letter from Neal in which he said that he could not meet them before going abroad. He thanks you for the love and care you give them and he apologizes. Sobo says Nell discovered that they shouldn’t make any decisions without knowing all the facts. Pushpa says that he never said that he would marry Anu. Anu agrees with Pushpa. She says that people will come and go in life, and we shouldn’t think of the same thing. Anu and Pushpa cheer him on. Sobo smiles and hugs them.

Ano Burney’s aunt, who is a nurse, comes to stay at Sobo’s house. Anu and her parents are happy to see her. They have hadiths. So Anu and Subu went to work. At Surya’s house, the latter goes down the stairs. Sharda asks if she will not go to the office, to which Syria replied negatively. She finds the vagabond from Syria upset. She wonders what happened to Syria.

When he got home yesterday, he immediately went to the secret room. She thought that she would get better in the morning, but he is still upset. Mansi comes there with Chandra. She asks Syria to appear privately on her YouTube video to increase her popularity. Sharda believes that this is a good idea to transform Syria. Sharda supports Mansi. The latter thanks you. Mansi asking Syria to shoot. Syria look.

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