Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 26-01-2021 Written Episode

The episode begins with Samantha packing her things. Jayanthi speaks to him. Syria gets there. She asks her mother where she is going. Jayanthi reports that she is going to Chennai because she has applied for a new passport. Syria convinces to accompany Samantha. Approve. They go to Chennai. Samantha, angry at Syria, sits in her backseat arguing that she is not feeling well. While she travels, Samantha remains calm. Syria thinks she is too stubborn and promises that she will talk to him before they return.

Pushpa, Anu and Ramia visit the temple. Anu thanks God for his promotion. Pushpa tells Anu that they will buy her dresses since she now has a promotion. Anu allows him to be late to the post. She tells Pushpa that she is the boss there and that she can go to the office whenever she wants. They go.

Syria drops Sam off at the passport office and asks her to call him when she finishes her job. Sam leaves, saying that no one should wait for her because she knows the way home. Syria wonders how to convince her of it.

Pushpa, Anu and Ramia will return home. Anu Pushpa asks what is the need to buy such expensive dresses. Ramya says it is essential because she is the boss of the Devanandi saris. Anu is not convinced. She tells Pushpa that she will take care of the budget for this month. She is happy that she bought her new dresses. She also told him that Sobo asked her to buy new dresses and that she was happy with her new job.

Syria asks Sam to get in the car. She told Sam that she is an American girl and that she knows how to run a business on her own. She walks away. A car passed Pushpa, causing her to lose consciousness on the road. Anu and Ramia feel anxious and ask for water for the people gathered. Sam noticed this and helped Pushpa by giving her water. Surya, who followed Sam in the car, takes Sam’s bag. Sam notices his bag is missing and tells Anu the same thing. Sam chided Sam for being careful. Anu asks who he is. She says that her name is Syria and she introduces Sam and her relationship. Anu smiles upon hearing Syria’s name. Syria tells Sam that she lost her new passport. Anu decides to help them. She asks Rami to take her mother home.

She sadly, she told Sam that all of her important documents were in that bag. Anu suggests filing a complaint with the police station. Syria tries to stop them, but Anu tells the thief that she must learn a lesson. Sam tells Ano that she will handle it. She tells Anu that she will be there until they find her bag. Syria checks the bag she put in the trunk of her car. They arrive at the police station and report the police. The policeman gets angry with them and asks them to leave. They will contact them if they get any proof.

Anu tries to comfort the annoying Anu. She tells Syria that she is hungry and asks if they can go to a restaurant. Sam gets mad from Syria. They go to a restaurant. Anu and Sam became friends. Anu assures Sam that she will get the bag from her very soon and calls Surya Prakash. She told him what happened. Syria asks if her mother is okay and she suggests filing a complaint. She told Anu that they went to the police station but did not take the matter seriously. She asks Syria to help her friend find her lost purse. Syria asks Anu to send a photo of the complaint and will speak with the Commissioner. Surya thanks Anu for her help. She tells Anu that Surya told her that she will talk to the Commissioner about this. Syria asks who will speak to the commissioner about something so small. Anu tells her that my master will do it for her. Syria is afraid of being caught. Anu asks Sam to eat without worry. The inspector calls Anu and tells them that they got the thief on the CCTV footage and will receive him soon. Anu says the same to Sam and Syria. Syria imagines falling.

Syria takes Anu to the corner. She said that she considers her her sister and tells him that she loves Sam and that she is mad at him. She refuses to speak to him or to come with him, so she stole her purse until she came with him without other means. She gives her Anu Sam’s bag and asks Anu for help. Anu agrees. Anu Surya’s telephones. I told her they had her bag and told her everything. She hung up, saying that she was coming to the office.

Anu returned Sam’s bag, saying the police had given it to him. Sam is happy. Sam asks who the thief is and where is he. He wants to hit. Anu handled the situation, saying that the police had taken him to court. She tells Anu that she must go now because today is an important day for her. Sam apologizes to Ano for bothering her. Anu and Sam exchanged her number. Anu takes a vacation from her. Sam mocks Syria because the simple girl can find her purse but he can’t and she storms off.


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