Sathya 22-12-2020 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Sathya running towards the old man to save him. Who suffers from reform. She sprays water on his face. A cute coconut slr looked at her and stole the quote sheet from the archive. She hides it behind her. Satya rescued the old man and then sent him to some villages. Satya came and went on her bike. Anitha believes that she will reprimand Prabhu when she sees the empty file. In an interview with clients who told Prabhu that they liked everything, they only wanted to see a date once. She informs them that his wife will attend to him. Satya got there. He complain about a blank failure. Satya told him that he had seen it in the file. Sadashevam your question, did you remove the file? Clients give you 5 days of time. Prabhu tries to convince them.

Satya tries to explain. Prabhu asked him, “Has he stopped somewhere?” She replied that she had helped a poor man. Prabhu blames her for betraying someone else. Satya apologizes to them. Prabhu tells him that she regrets not having solved this problem. He asks her to get out of there. Sadashivam advises her. Satya silently cries there. Endomathy and the family members choose saris for work.

Veerasingham complains that they take too long to choose two men. Indhomathy picks Sarys and complains about this job for Satya, but she is not here. Sumaya says she came. She hesitates to choose saris. Anita whispering to Veerasingham could reprimand her a lot. Everyone calls Satya to choose a saree. Indomathy asked Prabhu to choose Sari for Sathy. She complains that Satya is not feeling well. She apologizes, forcing him to do so. Yell at him and go. Anita feels happy. Endomathy Satya’s question answered that she had lost an important file. I asked him to convince him. Anita scolded her.

Satya walks into her room and thinks about how he disappeared. Prabhu works in the room. He links all accidents one by one while he is walking. He assumed there is a slim coconut vendor. She believes that someone close to the tender coconut tree has stolen the file. Are you thinking how to find out?

Prabhu tells clients that the quote was lost. He replies that she stopped them. So she will give time until the evening or this project will go to someone else. Satya gets there. Prabhu yells at her that he is angry with her. He get out of here or he’ll yell at you more. I asked him to verify the file. Prabhu asks her how she got the file.

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