Sathya 26-01-2021 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with Rasathi and Anyan arriving at the guesthouse. They asked the police what happened there. They ask them to go and search inside. Two hereditary eyes get nervous when they see the bloodstain there. They ask the police, where are Prabhu and Satya? The police blame my corruption as the culprit. She killed them and showed the video as evidence. Anyan gets angry, but the police take her out of it.

An old man says that Rasathy is running in this election for her mother-in-law, so she is ready to kill her friend to get a vote of sympathy. The media covers all this and puts pressure on it. Kanchana told her this and she replied that she is also watching the news. Maragatham is glad to see you. While the policeman was arresting her, Satya and Prabhu arrived there and detained the inspector. Satya asked him to find out how to live. Sathya and Prabhu informed her that some thugs had come to kill her, but not Raasathi, she showed him the original video of her.

Satya tells him that she beat them all up and pulled the truth out of them. The Goons reveal to them that Kanchana ordered them to kill Sathya and frame Raasathi’s hands behind her to damage her name. The inspector asks them that they know, so why didn’t they complain instead of creating this great scene? Prabhu replied that they planned this too much to spoil her image, so they used to give Raasathi some fame with her. The inspector apologizes to Raasathi and asks the fools to make a statement against Kanchana. The gestures of her. Maragatham shines like Kanmani and Jokela. The rest are happy about my inheritance. Satya and Sarathi hug.

Kanchana tries to escape in the car, but she gets dirty. She asked to get in and sit in one of the cars, but she doesn’t know her police car. They arrested her. Maragatham rebukes Kanmani for taking Marotho there
She replied that she called him because no one was home. Maragatham complained that Kanchana took a risk and ruined her image because she was afraid to beg him. Maruthu denies it. Kanmani assured her that she could release her on bail if she won the election. If you give men’s robes and drinks enough to make their voices heard, then there is nothing to worry about. Maragatham asks him that he lacks money. Kanmani replies that she asked the first for money. Go to the property papers. Tense when you hear it. Kanmani and Gokila leave to distribute to the people.

Raasathi asks Sathya and Prabhu to leave this place for fear that something will go wrong for them. Satya denies it and tells him that she will never leave without seeing her win the election. The Maragatim family arrives at the polling place. The drunkard thanks him that he has distributed the drinks to them. Maragatham is embarrassed to see him and leaves to vote. His family has been voted on. Then the Rasathi family came there and voted.

People greet her. The family of the former president to give votes. The Election Commissioner announces the vote count. Maragatham leads until the fourth round in which Raasathi starts at the top. Rsathi wins the election. Everyone starts to enjoy it, but Maragatham and Kanmani were surprised to hear it. Prabhu advises Maragatham that she could understand Rasathi and accept her as the wife of her husband. You will understand soon. They are celebrating their victory. Prabhu informs Rasathy that she is leaving.

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