Sathya 28-12-2020 Written Episode

Today’s episode begins with the arrest of Inspector Anita and Verasingham and their transfer to the police station. Prabhu was worried about them. “Let’s go to the police station,” says Prabhu. The police take them to the police station. Anetha and Ferasingham told him that they had done nothing wrong and that they could have been mistakenly arrested. The inspector replied that they know everything, just shut up and get out of here. Verrassingham told him that he had not yet entered the station. Yell at him to come in. Anita and Ferasingham are sitting on the bench. Veerasingham tells Anitha that Kuberan can solve her problem and will get in touch with him.

Cupiran arrives there with his wife. Veerasingham informed him that the inspector had mistakenly arrested them. Coopran told him that they had done well. As a relationship, he can forget about his money, but what about these poor people? Anetha and Verrassingham appear. She tells them that he is the one who complained to the police. Cobran informs the inspector that Anetha and Verrassingham tricked him, taking 1 rupee from them. Show him all the evidence. Anitha tells him that he betrayed them, got their money and now blames them. The inspector asks them to leave, otherwise he will lock them up in prison.

Prabhu arrives there with his family. Anitha told him that Cuperan had tricked them. She asked Kuperan and he replied that Anitha asks him to give her his contract of 10 lakhs rs, then Prabhu would ratify it and invest in his business. If he gives her 1 crore of rupees, she will add him as a partner. Show him the evidence. Take a look at Prabhu and Sadashefam. Anitha Prabhu reported that she signed it yesterday, but he complained today. Prabhu was holding the handle of her shirt when he mentioned that he could use his money in the Prabhu Group. The inspector asks him to stop. They are going to negotiate for it. Satya hears this news and arrives at the police station.

Prabhu tells people that they blame him and Anitha. All his efforts were in vain. Sadashivam tries to convince Prabhu and abdicates from Kuberan. He had also spoken to them, he had learned that he had planned everything and had betrayed Anita. He tells them that he only needs money and nothing else.

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