Sembaruthi 22-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Berumal delivering Parvathi and Tali’s message to Ade. The latter is crying while he holds the third. Aishwarya and Sundaram reassure Addy. She tells the latter that Parvathi must return alive with him and his mother. She vows to prove fictitious innocence and save Parvathi. Arun tries to unlock the drug dealer’s phone to find clues. Duraimanikam up there. Aaron gets hit from behind. He says that he will destroy the evidence before his eyes.

He orders his man to kill the drug dealer. The man shot him. Aaron says that Adhi won’t let them. Duraimanikam asks to summon Adhi. Aaron informs Adhi Duraimanikam of the death of the drug leader. Adi tells Berumal and Sundaram to take care of Parvathy until he returns. tree leaves. Berumal leaves and says that he will organize an ambulance in case of emergency.

Adhi arrives at the site. Trying to disconnect Aaron. Duraimanikam attacks Adhi from behind. Duraimanikam also ties Adhi in a chair. Duraimanikam says everything was planned in advance. Endhiyamade is also revealed to have a twin sister. Parvathi assisted the older sister while he pushed the younger sister to besiege Achilles. Facebook showed where Uday and Aishwarya took Madomathy to Akhila’s home. Nandhini saw Indhumadhi and realized that they were twins. Nandhini kidnapped Indhumadhi and blackmailed Madhumathi into lying in front of the media.

Duraimanikam says that his lady ruined his plan. He tells Adhi that he knows his lady. He is on a video call with Nandhini. The latter says that she is very happy, because her dream of destroying the Adikadafor family will come true. She also tell me that she can’t get to the girl who could prove her delusional innocence. When the 24 hours are up, she is arrested or kills herself. He then showed a live video of Parvathy meditating inside the hole and a Nandini man leaving a snake inside. Instead of gnawing on the snake Parvathy, he stands next to her. Al-Adi says that in the war between good and evil, good prevails. This is the rule. Nandini says she was born to break the norm. She will send her men into that tunnel to kill Parvathi. “Let’s see who will introduce it this time,” she says. Duraimanikam orders to kill Adhi and Arun and leave.

Adhi and Aaron remove their robes. He appears on FB Adhi integrating Arun and whispering to him that everything is a plan. When Duraimanikam hits him, he takes a sword and hides it. Then the blade is used to cut the rope. Adhi and Aaron are fighting Durmanikam’s thugs. Then they both hit Duraimanikam. Addy tells Aaron to go to Nandini’s house. When Aaron says that he doesn’t know where he is, he tells Addy that they heard the fire on the video call, so he must be near the scene of the fire. Ask to find this site and go there. Aaron Papers. Addy defeats the bullies. Duraimanikam moves from there, taking advantage of this opportunity.

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