Sembaruthi 24-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with Adhi crushing thugs. Duraimanikam took this opportunity to escape from there. In the temple, Guruji performs puja. Duraimanikam Nandhini phones. He says she was right. Underestimate Adhi. Nandini asks if she killed Addy. Duraimanikam recounts how Adhi and Arun beat the bullies. He says that he escaped from Adhi with difficulty. Nandini says that before Adde reaches the temple, Parvathi will die. Nandhini requests that Indumadhi be killed because she is no longer needed.

Aaron asks people on the road if there have been any fires nearby. In the temple, everyone is anxious about Parvathi. Nandini’s husband, who left the snake, goes to kill Parvathi to see what happened. He is surprised to see the snake standing next to Parvathi without hurting her. The bully reports the same. The thugs send one of them into the tunnel with a knife to kill Parvathi.

Arun enters the house and looks for Nandhini. He didn’t find anyone there. He note a letter written by Nandini. In the letter he says that if you could hear the extinction whistle, wouldn’t you hear the same? She is smart for Ady and he would have understood by now. She didn’t kill them yet so they could see her mother arrested.

She challenges that they can’t find the twin sisters and cuts the call. Aron Adhi Phones. The latter asks if he discovered Nandini’s site. Aaron tells him everything. Ady says they shouldn’t waste time looking for Nandini. He wanted to postpone them until Akhila was arrested. He tells a silent plan. He asks Aaron to come to the office with his four friends.

Adhi goes to the place where Nandini’s men have dug a tunnel in the well where Parvathy contemplates. Beat them. The man entering the tunnel reached Parvathi. He was about to cut Parvathi’s neck with a knife. Addie pulls the rope on that man’s leg and leads him out of the tunnel. She fights the fools. She takes them to the temple.

Sundaram asks who they are. Adhi says they tried to kill Parvathi inside the hole. Everyone is shocked. Ady asks Sundaram to turn the thugs over to the police. Sundaram worries if Parvathy is okay. Adhi assures him that she is fine. He asks to take over Parvathi and leaves. People in the temple beat up the thugs and take them to the police station.

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