Sembaruthi 26-01-2021 Written Episode

The episode begins with Achille with Addie helping to control his cough. Adhi thanks you. Akhila asks him to thank her mother. She then tells them that she will do it when she gets married. Adhi told them that she was always her mother and had taught them to thank those who helped him. Parafithi smiles as she watches this from the kitchen. Akhila serves Adhi food. Purushotaman, Aishwarya, and Arun are delighted to see Akhila take over Adhi.

Akhila notices that Addy eats vegetables that she doesn’t like and asks her about the same. Adi tells Parvathy to cook it the way he likes it. Akhila says that she has changed a lot. Adhi says that he thinks this way because he is far from her. He told Akhila that he had learned to speak. Porushottaman says that he is happy to see his mother and his son having a normal conversation after a long time. Aishwarya says that they cannot have complete happiness because Parvathi is not part of that happiness. Purushotaman assures him that this will change soon.

The next day, Adhi prepares for the Pongal celebration. Parvathy and Addy share a romantic moment. Aishwarya, who arrives there, harasses them and goes to wake up Aaron. Aishwarya finds Aaron still asleep. There she reports that her brother is romantically involved with his wife here while he sleeps. She tries to wake Aaron, but the latter refuses to wake up. Vadeville sees this. She asks Aishwarya to prepare for the temple and says that she will wake Aaron up.

Vadivel brings a glass of water to pour over Arun. The latter takes Vadivel for Aishwarya. He throws him on the bed and kisses him. Vadeville cries, scolds him and turns with a bloody lip. Aishwarya laughed at this. Aishwarya tugs on Aaron’s leg.

Adhi-Parvathi and Arun-Aishiwarya descend to prepare. Addy finds Aaron bored and asks if he’s okay. Aishwarya tells Aaron that Aaron is scared. Only then does Vadivel arrive wearing a mask. Adi asks why he would wear the mask indoors if he was afraid of the coronavirus. Vadivel tells him by looking at Arun that there is a virus more dangerous than Corana in this house. Aishwarya says that she will explain and tell what happened at the Parvathi audience.

Parvathi laughs. Adhi asks what happened and asks to share it with him. Paravthi is associated with Adhi. The trio laugh when Vadeville expresses disappointment in him. Sundaravalli gets there. She asks him why she covers her mouth. Vadeville says for safety. Sundaravali continues to be questioned. Aaron changes the course of Sundaravali saying that they are late for the Pongal celebration. Sundaravalli asks you to wait. She told Adhi that she is wearing his talented sari. She finds herself beautiful in this saree and wonders how beautiful she would be in this talented saree from Adhi. Achille and Purushottaman go down the stairs. Akhila wears the talented Adhi sari. They all look at her with joy. Sundaravali says that she is very beautiful in this saree.

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