Sembaruthi 28-12-2020 Written Episode

The episode begins with the examination of Dr. Parvathi. The doctor says nothing to worry about. The oxygen level has decreased since he has been inside the hole for a long time. Gurugi says that nothing will happen to Parvathi because he completed the puja by risking his life. Only then does Parvathy become aware. She cries as she screams the song “Mama” Tharami Tharami that plays on BG

She grabbed her hands and screamed, her forehead fusing with his. Parvathi asks if they are okay, the police will not arrest them. Adhi says that she has proven her innocence. I heard her prayers. Parvathy is happy. Guruji requests that the final ritual be completed before returning home. Adhi must make Parvathi use Thali. Guruji asks Adhi to make Parvathi wear all of his decorations.

Adi sits up and places Mette on Parvathi’s toes, then makes her wear her bracelets and earrings. He finally ties Thali around Parvathi’s neck. Everyone throws flowers at them with joy. Guruji asks Adhi to apply mealybug to Parvathi. Adhi does that. They pray to the goddess and go home.

Nandhini, Vanaja and Duraimanikam in a conference call. Vanaga says they lost to Addy despite all efforts. Nandini says it’s not a permanent win for Addy. Duraimanikam tells them that they are in trouble due to Madomathy’s comments. Nandini asks Duraimanikam to turn himself in to accept the crimes. Duraimanikam refuses. He says that he is hiding. She tells Nandini that if he gives up, she will get him out anyway.

Vanaga agrees with Nandini. Duraimanikam refuses again. Nandini says that she will pay him double the pension. Duraimanikam says the police will also arrest her as Madhumadhi mentioned her name as well. Nandini says the police cannot arrest her because she has been going to Dubai for two years. Between that time, her lawyer will take over the case and bring it to light.

Duraimanikam hears the sound of the siren. He sees that the police are coming to arrest him. He tries to escape, but the police stop him. Aaron told Nandini that the police had moved to the station and told her to be ready because the police would also come to arrest her. Nandini says for sure that she is not easy to catch. She says that she will come back to get revenge on her family. The call hangs up. The police arrived at Nandini’s house but she is not there. The inspector asks the server, but he says that he doesn’t know where Nandini is. He leaves the police.

Aaron and Rushottaman ask her if she’s turned into a natural ghost. Purushotaman says that Adhi should talk to Akhila, only then will she become normal. Aaron tells that mom to talk to Parvathy. Only after that, Aishwarya returned. They ask how Parvathi is doing. Aishwarya says that Parvathi has successfully completed the puja. You tell them everything.

Vanaga looks at everything. Aishwarya says that Adi and Parvathy got married again. He left his room and saw them talking from the upper floor. Purushotaman says that Achille is out of all these troubles because of Adhi and Parvathi. He also tells the UN so that no one can harm his family. Vanaga becomes angry. Akhila calling for her husband. She asks what happened.

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