The Divine Spark

Organized religion. They will convince you that they are God’s guardians. The only way to get to heaven is through your own traditions. You must belong to their club to be one of God’s chosen and you will not be sanctified unless they bless you in this way. They will also say that you must pay 10% of your earnings to buy back your divinity. I was never clear if it was gross or net.

Because this is silly:

All life is born holy. All. Lifetime. We all carry the spark of God in our souls from the moment we arrive on this earth. All the living creatures on the planet, from the feathers of the grass and the trees of the forest to the tides of the ocean, the creatures of the jungle and the human being who just cut off traffic. All. Lifetime. is being. sacred.
We are the chosen ones. all of us. together.

We share this experience of life in a terrarium called Earth. We all come from the same source of life-giving energy. We are one. Ancient religions knew this. Jesus knew this. But somehow along the way, the human (the nest) has forgotten the basic truth. Organized in religion to use as a tool to gain our own strength, our quest for spiritual fulfilment has completely left its anchors.

In everything, in all religious and spiritual traditions, we know that there is only one hypothesis. There is only one rule worth following. This rule is based on the greatest gift we have ever received: love. It is the simplest rule to be followed in the entire universe. You made it easy for us. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

How difficult is that?

If you do, none of the other applicable rules or laws will be necessary. Justice, honesty, equality, fairness and integrity naturally. But the evil is there, he says, we must protect ourselves, he says, blah, blah, blah. How does evil grow? It grows in the absence of justice, honesty, equality, fairness and integrity. It grows when good people don’t do the right thing. It grows when we turn a blind eye to everyone. The. Things. Stop the growth of evil. Only love grows. Follow the rule. Change the world. But we have to do it ourselves.


Divine sparks are a gift of nature for those who penetrate from the Holy level by taking a divine spark that automatically makes the body extremely powerful, as the holy warriors gain more divine power, divine power becomes magical power with the help of that spark, while the Holy Magi get very solid bodies. There are different levels of divine sparks, as well as different types. They are extremely tough and almost impossible (or completely impossible) to damage. Only Godeater rats can digest it. Beirut could use it to make God spark weapons.

Once a person’s understanding of the laws reaches a certain level, the universe will naturally create a divine spark based on the nature of their soul, and this divine spark will be like their soul. There are different levels of divine sparks:

Sparks of Demigod – Descend when a Saint-level fighter gains mastery in one of the depths or combines two puzzles midway through either stat.
Sparks of God – Descend when the demigod gains sovereignty over one-third of the deep mysteries or fuses two of any of the laws.

Great Sparks of God – Descend when God masters all the deep secrets of any of the laws.
Divine Sparks (Decrees): Unlike the Laws of the Elements, ordinances do not contain laws and instead follow the rules of the universe, a divine spark of decrees is created when natural laws consider that a person has understood enough of the decree. To become a high god you don’t need to understand the entire edict, all of this is dictated by natural laws.

Sovereign Sparks – There are only 77 Sovereign Sparks in creation, nothing more and nothing less, which means the only way to become sovereign is to be lucky enough to stumble upon them. When the divine sparks descend, the person upon whom it descends will have two options.

The first option you have is to merge with it. When this happens, a person will become a deity/deity / high deity of the same element as the Divine Spark (a person who fuses with an Earth-type spark will become an Earth-type half-god). This will give the person divine flesh and enhance the strength of his soul. However, they will only have one body/life and cannot train in other laws or ordinances other than the divine spark type that a person has incorporated (from the example above, only an earth-type half god can train in earth laws ).

The second option is to let the divine spark out of your body. When this happens, natural laws will create a body that is an exact replica of the person surrounding the divine spark to create a divine clone of the person. All divine reproduction can be considered the “life” of another person. A person will retain their original body so that they can continue training in other laws or ordinances, but a clone can only train the same element as it is (a Fire-type divine clone can only train in the laws of fire).

The body of a real person can borrow divine power from divine reproduction at no cost, and although there is no limit to the amount of power that can be borrowed, it will be weaker than true divine power. A person can also switch places with their divine clones at will, and the divine copies will share memories and experiences with all other clones and real flesh and vice versa. Divine clones can also be reabsorbed into a person’s body, allowing him to use all of the divine clone’s powers and can also separate them at will. However, since the divine reproduction soul is basically the same person, a person’s soul will split into 2, resulting in twice the number of divine reproduction souls and the person’s true body in half, the soul passes into divine reproduction.

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