Top 10 Highest Paid Singers In Bollywood 2022

The Bollywood industry is full of talented people and always searching for more talent in India or other countries. Bollywood singer has a powerful voice so on behalf of the voice they live in the people heart and paid much for one song. Bollywood singers play a very important role in the Bollywood industry and always try to perform for the best song which entertains the people very much.

Directors add 4 to 5 songs in the Bollywood movie and every song sang different singers. In the 1970s classical singing started in the Bollywood film industry but today hip-hop and folk music is very popular in Bollywood movies.

Every singer has a different talent so on the basis of talent paid very highest for the song. Singers always want the attraction of the people in the favor of the song and for the highest rating on social media. Here is the list of the top ten highest-paid singers in Bollywood.

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Here the list of top 10 highest-paid singers in Bollywood 2022:

10. Neeti Mohan
09. Neha Kakkar
08. Vishal Dadlani
07. Sonu Nigam
06. Sunidhi Chauhan
05. Mohit Chauhan
04. Arijit Singh
03. Mika Sing
02. Yo Yo Honey Singh
01. Shreya Ghoshal

10. Neeti Mohan – 5 Lakhs/Song

While not as famous as her female counterparts, Neeti Mohan has been turning heads since her “Student Of The Year” debut with ‘Ishq Wala Love.’ Because of its thriving bit of playback singing, she has even bagged several assignments on the small screen.

neeti mohan

9. Neha Kakkar – 8 Lakhs/Song

Neha Kakkar has risen to fame from doing solo albums to now becoming the face of leading Bollywood actresses, and it looks like she is in for the bigger slots with numbers like Kala Chashma. The song ‘Cheese Ghar Hya Mast’ song now takes Rs 8 Lake for every song. 29-year-old singer Neha Kakkar now has many ‘Demand’ in Bollywood.

Neha kakkar

8. Vishal Dadlani –10 Lakhs/Song

The pair of music composers provide mega-budget and star-studded movies with their expertise. The stars were recently roped to be judges of a singing reality show that won them the value of their talent. He is best known as the director of music and the lyricist of the great singer Dadlani. This artist, however, does not have a lot of good music. If you’re listening to the new song ‘Swag’ from the Tiger Zinda Hai movie, understand that. 300 songs have been written by the giant to date. And he gave himself the voice of an album, the voice of a million rupees.


7. Sonu Nigam – 11 Lakhs/Song

Sonu Nigam is powerful and the loving voice in the Bollywood industry. He is the highest-paid singer and demands 15 lakh for a per song. He is a legend in the Bollywood industry. He starts her career as playback singing in the reality show but now he is a very popular and loving voice in the people. People like very much Sonu Nigam because he is a very talented and hardworking singer in Bollywood. He sings a lot of song for the various movies. The singing is very notable in those movies on the basis of her voice.

Sonu Nigam

6. Sunidhi Chauhan – 12 Lakhs/Song

Sunidhi Chauhan is also female playback singer in Bollywood she is in the list of the highest singer in the Bollywood industry. She demands 12 lakh a per song. She won lot of awards and won two Filmfare Awards. Sunidhi sing very hit songs and serve as a talented singer in the Bollywood industry. She has a huge fans list and a lot of follower on social media. People always in waiting for listing her new song. She is 2nd best female singer in the Bollywood. She starts singing at the age of four.

Sunidhi Chauhan

5. Mohit Chauhan – 15 Lakhs/Song

Mohit Chauhan is also an Indian playback and highest-paid singer in the Bollywood film industry. Mohit Chauhan is singing both hard and romantic types of the song. Her voice is very good and considered the most melodious voice in Bollywood. He won 5 times best singer award and 5 times Filmfare award in Bollywood. He is demanding around about 10 lakh to performing for the one song. Mohit is one of the best Musician is you want to be search best singer in the Bollywood industry. He releases a lot of song albums.

Mohit Chauhan

4. Arijit Singh – 18 Lakhs/Song

Arijit Singh has a pretty and soulful voice and in Bollywood, her name is in the most talented singer. Arijit sing becomes very popular in only a few days. He paid very high as playback for Hindi song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ in movie Ashiqui 2. He paid 20 lakh for this song after this her name added in this list of highest-paid Bollywood singer. He started the career as a playback singer in the show but now he is a very famous and much-paid singer.

Arijit Singh

3. Mika Sing – 20 Lakhs/Song

Mika Singh, having been in the sector for as long as he had, spread his wings in more than one direction. Not only does he sing for movies, but he also does tours and live shows that make him more money than most of his peers, and he has also gone into acting if that is not enough.

Mika Singh

2. Yo Yo Honey Singh – 22 Lakhs/Song

Yo-Yo Honey Singh is another highest-paid singer in the Bollywood industry. In the Bollywood industry, he is known as a rapper-singer. He is a rapper, music producer singer and actor as well and very famous in Bollywood. Yo-Yo Honey Singh is very popular in and becomes the highest paid Bollywood singer in a few years. He starts the rapper singing and the former of the rapping singing in the Bollywood. Honey Sing has a thousand of the fans in India and outside India. Yo-Yo is the nickname of Honey Singh.

Honey Singh

1. Shreya Ghoshal – 25 Lakhs/Song

Shreya Ghoshal is a darling queen in the Bollywood have a very beautiful voice. She is a very famous singer in India and also in Asia. She paid very highest the per song. She charges 25 lakh performing for the one song. She got a number 1 highest paid singer in the Bollywood industry. She sings a lot of song in the Bollywood film industry. She is a playback singer in the Bollywood. She is also a very stylish lady. She wins the various singing award like best female singer Filmfare award.

Shreya Ghoshal

Top 10 Highest Paid Singers In Bollywood 2022
Rank Singer Name Charges per Song
1 Shreya Ghoshal 25Lakh
2 Yo Yo Honey Singh 22 lakh
3 Mika Sing 20 Lakh
4 Arijit Sing 18 Lakh
5 Mohit Chauhan 15 Lakh
6 Sunidhi Chauhan 12 Lakh
7 Sonu Nigam 11 Lakh
8 Vishal Dadlani 10 Lakh
9 Neha Kakkar 8 Lakh
10 Neeti Mohan 5 Lakh

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