Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World 2021

Fruits are always beneficial for the health everyone use in daily diet especially diet conscious people use fruits daily because fruits are good for health and skin as well. Fruits are cultivated in many countries on a high level and export from others where fruits not found but most expensive fruits found in Japan.

Japanese are more famous for the cultivation of the fruit but they produced so expensive fruit their agriculture system is so strong they produced with the help of the government. These expensive fruits famous all over the world that provide good health and glowing skin means that beneficial in all ways but not affordable for everyone due to high prices.

Ginseng fruit- He Bei is very unique and rare with the baby face-shaped it strange but it found in China and considered as costly fruit all around the globe.

Here is the list of Top 10 most expensive fruits in the world 2021.

10. Buddha Shaped Pears – $9

9. Sekai Ichi Apples – $12

8. Dekopon Citrus – $80/pack of six

7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries – $85/pack

6. Square Watermelon – $800

5. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan – $1,500

4. Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes – $3,000

3. Ruby Roman Grapes – $8,400

2. Densuke Watermelon – $6,100

1. Yubari King Melon – $30,000/pair

Sr No. Item Name Price
10 Buddha Shaped Pears $9.00/Each
09 Sekai Ichi Apples $21.00 Each
08  Dekopon Citrus $80.00/Pack of Six
07 Sembikiya Queen Strawberries $85.00/Pack of 12
06 Square Watermelon $800.00/Each
05 Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan $1,600/Each
04 Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes $3,000/Per Pair
03 Ruby Roman Grapes $4,000/Per Bunch
02 Densuke Watermelon $6,100/Each
01 Yubari Melon  $23,000/Per Pair

10. Buddha Shaped Pears – $9

Buddha Shaped Pears

This Chinese pear we are talking about is in the shape of Lord Buddha. Yes, this is surprising, but it is true. The pear looks exactly like a Buddha statue. The face was shown on the pear and the way Buddha was sitting are exactly the same. It is by a mould made by a Chinese farmer. His name was Hao and he belonged to Hebei Province. This guy grew a pear-shaped like this. So this style of growing pears gained fame. The high price of this pear due to its association with this fruit. It is said that if you taste this fruit you can obtain immortality. It is a Chinese legend about Lord Buddha. You can enjoy the timeless sweetness of this fruit for just $ 9.

Yes, you read that right. Pear-shaped Buddha. Arms crossed, meditation posture and smile included. A Chinese farmer, Xianzhang Hao, came up with the idea of ​​creating this pear in the shape of a Buddha statue on his farm in Hebei Province, China.

Pears are grown in moulds that are shaped like little Buddha statues during the growing process. The moulds were supplied by Fruit Mold in China, which offers many other options for shaping exotic fruits such as heart-shaped melons or gnome apples. The pears we are talking about cost $ 9 each. And they help you meditate for longer.

9. Sekai Ichi Apples – $12

Sekai Ichi Apples

These apples celebrated their 40th birthday in 2014. In these 40 years, the value of this fruit has increased dramatically. Japan is proud to produce these apples. These apples are still the most expensive fruit in the world. Which means “Sekai Ichi Apple” is the number one apple in the world. This statement indicates the pride of the people who grow these apples.

But this claim isn’t just about boasting that these apples are truly the best apples in the world. The circumference of each apple is 15 inches. We can see that the size of the apples is very large. These oranges are washed with honey so that they are free of impurities. This fruit weighed about 2 pounds. To enjoy the flavour of this large fruit, you only need to pay $ 21 for each apple.

I know it’s hard to read, but the name actually means “number one in the world”. Someone’s modesty? These apples were first grown in Japan in 1974 and are unique. Its pale pink / red colour is nothing out of the ordinary, nor is its juiciness and sweetness.

What is not normal is their colossal size and weight. It measures 15 inches in circumference and weighs about 2 pounds. Besides the fact that it was washed with honey before it was sold. Then there is the price. You will have to pay $ 21 for a single large apple.

8. Dekopon Citrus – $80/pack of six

Dekopon Citrus

These oranges were first grown in 1972. These oranges are completely different from mandarins. These oranges are a hybrid form of mandarin. Dekopon’s orange version differs from the typical orange. These oranges are said to be the most delicious citrus in the world.

These oranges look like natural oranges, but there is a puffy part on the top that makes them different from the others. The larger size of these oranges also differentiates them from the typical orange. The Dekopon orange is seedless. Its meat appears solid but then melts in your mouth. If you want to eat this orange, you must visit Japan. Japan is the only country where these oranges are found. You will have to pay $ 80 for a six pack.

Dekopon Citrus is a sweet, seedless blend of tangerine and orange. Tangerine. It was first grown in 1972 and is so prized for its sweetness that many considered it the best orange in the world.

And where can it be sold except Japan? They come in a six-pack for a good $ 80, so these aren’t the fruits to buy with change leftover from previous grocery purchases. Make sure your wallet is ready and completely made up.

7. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries – $85/pack

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

You may have eaten the perfect strawberry from the market. The red colour of the strawberry and the fresh green leaves make this fruit delicious. But what is it about special that makes this strawberry so special? One that was never thrown away and never found on the mark. If you want to try these strawberries, you must have $ 85 in your pocket. Each package contains 12 strawberries. The appearance of this fruit is great. May its enchanted beauty prevent you from eating. A strawberry will cost you $ 2.75 a pound.

Strawberries Everyone loves strawberries, even if they come in a candy bar. But the Strawberry Queen Sembikan shouldn’t be confused with anything else. They are perfect as they are. Perfect.

Each of these strawberries is individually picked for flawless red and green leaves, white seeds, and a flawless look. It comes in packs of twelve for $ 85. And they don’t need anything else to make the perfect gift. Or better not. Forget the last sentence. Do not share it with anyone else.

6. Square Watermelon – $800

Square Watermelon

These square melons are also produced in Japan. Before 2014, Japan did not export this watermelon outside the world. But in 2014, these melons were exported abroad. But its high price is its defining feature. Grow it in the square mould. This mould turns these melons into a square shape. But you shouldn’t try this formula on your own. These melons carry 13 pounds each. Most people use this watermelon as a garnish. You must pay $ 800 each.

Are you eating something square? I’m not talking about chocolate anymore. Something big, heavy, and cube-shaped. We bet you will. At least one square watermelon. The idea has reappeared in Japan, but since 2014 you can also have it in the rest of the world.

Besides the fact that these melons were grown in a box to give them the look you see in the photo, because the taste is the same as with the normal species, they don’t have anything more special. Well, maybe the price.

This is very special because one watermelon, for every 13 pounds, costs $ 800. So you want to eat square watermelons? Yes, I thought so, I’m not sure anymore. But you can keep it as a decoration.

5. Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan – $1,500

Pineapples from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan is the most magical place in the UK. Pineapple gardens are not uncommon in Europe. Heligan is the only place in Europe where there are pineapple gardens. The park is located in England in Cornwell. These pineapples grow in two years in the shade and in horse urine.

The techniques used to grow this pineapple are known as Victorian techniques. These pineapples allow for a cooler environment in England. Pineapple does not come in direct contact with horse manure if this idea bothers you. Growing this pineapple takes a lot of work and work. That is why these pineapples are not sold in the markets. Instead, the fruit is offered to those who work hard to grow this pineapple.

We all know that pineapples don’t grow in Europe and the climate in England, let’s say, is not very beautiful. But this is only half true. Pineapples grow in Europe and the climate in England can be good enough to grow them. With a little human help.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, UK, is the last place in all of Europe where pineapples grow. It is a pineapple pit, the kind used by Victorian gardeners in the 18th century. This technique involves large amounts of fresh manure and urine-soaked hay to heat the pit where the pineapple is grown and a lot of manual labor.

These pineapples are generally not sold, although they are valued at more than $ 1,500 each. Despite this, one of them was auctioned at some point and the buyer paid around $ 16,000 for one. We know, the jaw drops.

4. Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes – $3,000

Taiyo no Tamago Mangoes

Taiyo no Tamago in English means “sun egg”. The idea that mangoes taste like eggs is very annoying. But these handles are only egg-shaped. Now guess in which country these egg-shaped mangoes are grown. If I said Japan, you are right.

A brand like this mango is also produced in North America. But it is a paid brand. The cost of Dole fruits is significantly less than this mango. If you want to taste these mangoes, you must go to Japan and then you must have $ 3,000 in your pocket.

The name means “sun egg” and is another result of the perfect fruit gathering. Mango Taiyo no Tamago needs more than 350 grams each and a high sugar content to be chosen.

Each year after the first harvest, the fruits are sold at auction for many dollars a pair. The record so far was $ 3,000. Is it worth all the effort? We hear that it tastes much better than usual.

3. Ruby Roman Grapes – $8,400

Ruby Roman Grapes

Well, the most expensive grape in the world is also found in Japan. Japan is the country where you can go to buy branded fruits. We are sure that you will not be surprised to learn more about the grapes that are also found in Japan. These grapes are called table grapes. But the size is not like that of the table. The size of these grapes is exactly like a ping pong ball. But what is the reason why these grapes are so expensive? This is because these grapes are rare. This grape was produced in 2008. If you wish, you will need to provide $ 910 for a grape sample.

Japan is back on this crazy list of Roman ruby ​​grapes. Grown in Ishikawa Prefecture since 2008 and named through a public referendum, it is the most expensive grape you can buy.

The selection process involves checking that each grape contains more than 20 grams and 18% sugar. If they weigh more than 30 grams and the bunch of grapes weighs more than 700 grams, then they are chosen for the premium class.

2. Densuke Watermelon – $6,100

Densuke Watermelon

Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits List – The weight of a single 24-pound watermelon makes it the most expensive in the world. Its large size distinguishes it from other melons. This most expensive fruit in the world is also produced in Japan. The reason for the high price is also the shortage of fruits. About 10,000 watermelons are grown each year. The upper echelon of society used to taste expensive fruits. Such is the case with this melon.

Without spots or stripes, the Densuke black watermelon weighs 11 kilograms and is rare in the fruit market. It has a slightly sweeter taste than other melons, and because it only produces 10,000 pieces a year, it makes it very unique.

It typically costs around $ 250, but in 2008, the record hit $ 6,100 for such a sweet black melon. Should we mention that Japan is the country where this happened? We are sure you get it now. Watermelons are grown only on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, which is the main reason for their scarcity.

1. Yubari King Melon – $30,000/pair

Yubari King Melon

List of the ten most expensive fruits in the world The Yubari melon from Japan is ranked first among the most expensive fruits in the world. Melons are something you either love or hate. If you liked it, then you must go to Japan to taste this most affordable and delicious fruit in the world.

Yubari King Melon is a mixture of two other melons that originated from the same Hokkaido island as mentioned above and got their name from the Yubari greenhouses on the island.

The watermelon is perfectly rounded with a smooth rind, leaving a portion of the stem at the top to enhance its aesthetics. They are very soft and cute and are used as gifts during the Chugen – Festival of Ghosts, which is a traditional Bodhi and Taoist festival. While the average price is now $ 12,000 per watermelon, in 2008, two of them sold for $ 30,000, making them the most expensive fruits in the world.


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