What is a Predictive Dialer?

The predictive caller is a telephone monitoring system that automatically calls a list of phone numbers in sequence, checks for no answers, busy signals, answering machines and offline numbers with prediction at what point a caller you can handle the next call. Predictive communication software is commonly used for telemarketing, surveys, confirming appointments, collecting payments, and tracking service. Providers of predictive calling systems claim that they significantly increase the productivity of callers. The phone calls you receive from “no one is there” are often predictive calls where the caller manually is not ready yet.

Not to be confused with the caller automatically, predictive calling software is programmed to predict when a caller will be available to take a call. Predictive callers can also measure the number of available agents, available lines, average handling time, and other factors to adjust outgoing calls accordingly. This measurement provides a high level of mathematical proficiency for use in call centres. The related system is the lead generator, which requests a list of phone numbers and, when a live voice answers, delivers a recorded message.

Predictive automated calling software is a type of automated calling software that uses predictive statistical analysis to determine whether to place a call with potential customers. Compared to “normal” automatic contacts that only request numbers when the agent is free, predictive callers require a number before the sales agent is free to answer the call.

The evolution of predictive demand:

Traditional predictive dialling used a combination of call simulation and waiting for techniques to determine the best time for computer-based outbound calling systems to place a call. Originally used by banks to collect debts, the system increases agent usage (the amount of time spent on beneficial calls) and increases customer engagement.

When automatic calling software was invented, predictive communication became more complex. In addition to discovering the number of available agents, the automated call predictive software uses real-time call statistics analytics to find out the average call handling time and response time. For example, if the system detects that only 50% of calls are answered by potential customers, and sales agents are on call for 300 seconds, and it takes customers 5 seconds to pick up their phones, the system can “decide” call two numbers at the 295-second mark. .

Limitations and limitations:

Since the predictive automatic calling software cannot guarantee that its analysis will continue 100% of the time, it is possible that a call will be answered by a direct person with no agent available to receive the line. Worse still, because predictive robocalling programs often take response rate into account, many customers can answer the phone without being picked up.

For these cases in the United States of America, the FCC, in its Telemarketing Rules Policy, classifies calls that cannot be received within two (2) seconds after the response as “abandoned calls”. In addition, the FCC requires that companies, for quotation, operate a “prerecorded identification letter” that indicates only the name and telephone number of the company, entity or individual on whose behalf the call was made, and that the call was to “telemarketing purposes”.

How Does A Predictive Dialer Work?

Predictive calling software is an automated telephone communication system. It enables call center agents to dramatically increase the number of live calls. Predictive calling software simply engages agents in calls that are actually answered by real people. This eliminates the need to listen to busy signals, missed calls, disconnected lines, fax machines, or other automated devices.

Predictive calling software uses mathematical formulas and algorithms to predict average call response time and agent availability then adjusts call rate accordingly. Effective predictive calling software will also analyze failed calls and determine if that number requires a callback.

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