Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th August 2021 Written Update

Today’s episode starts with Mukesh Sirat telling about one of the boxers who is there. He says his condition will be the same as that of that boxer as he is no longer able to boxer due to the accusation. Mukesh tries to persuade Sirat to advise him, or else you will go to jail one day. The other boxer’s bag drops. Sirat and Krtek leave the place. See boxer Seerat.

Later, Kartik asks Sirat not to worry as he will appoint her a new coach. Sirat says he just needs motivation. Without a coach, he adds, he can also win the match. Kartik tells Sirat that he is in his place but he needs a coach. Meanwhile, Kartik receives a message that Ranveer’s paramedic is coming soon. Sirat tells Kartik that she will accompany him to the doctor. You want the doctor to help them.

Sirat and Kartik are surprised to see Goenka waiting for them to perform the post-wedding ritual. Suhasini tells Kartik that he has crossed the barrier and that they can perform the ritual at any time, so they were waiting for them. Sirat and Kartik are surprised. Swarna says it is good to perform rituals with family. Suhainsi asks Swarna and Manish to start the ritual. Manish tie collar on the neck of our Swarna. Suhasini asks Kartik to perform the ritual. Kartik chose Mangalsutra to link it to Sirat. Sirat amazed. Kartik breaks the mangalsutra at the last moment. Goenkas says it is unfavorable. Kartik says nothing bad happened when the mangalsutra broke before it was attached to Sirat. He asks Goenka not to think too much.

Sirat is grateful to Kartik for saving him today. Kartik tells Sirat that he keeps Mangalsutra in the cupboard so she can tell them if Suhasini and Swarna ask them. Later, Vanish asks Kairav ​​why he is spending time with Syrat as if she is going to leave him soon. He tells Kairav ​​that Sirat will not go anywhere because she is Kartik’s wife. Vanish asks Kairav ​​if he is hiding something from him. Surekha doubts that Syrat will listen to Kairav’s talk with Vansh. Sirat comes and tells Vansh that he met Kirva after a 6-month break, and they spent some time together. Surekha is convinced. Later, Kartik thanks Sirat for taking him to school and also bringing him back. Manish asks Kartik to file a complaint with the school management to send Sirat to the school. By Kartik Sirat. He asks Manish to support them in the next few days.

In addition to this, Sikander is preparing to become a Sirat coach. Kartik refuses, but Sirat agrees to receive training from Sikander. She asks, but Sikander must first fight her. Sikander wins the match against Sirat and asks the latter to focus. Kartik wipes sweat off Sirat’s face.

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